Mid to Long Term Private Rentals

Evolving from Short Term to Long Term Private Rentals Most of Australia is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of the immediate COVID crisis. But the reality is that the economic and cultural after-effects will be with us well into the…

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22 September 2020
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NSW renters and landlords could receive CASH boost for Covid

Landlords and tenants in NSW could be set for financial relief under tweaks to the state government’s proposed legislation changes designed to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. The NSW government has introduced legislation to change about 40 state laws in…

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13 May 2020
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Got a Short-Term Rental? Get Your Income Back on Track During COVID-19

Times are tough right now in the tourism market (any market really except for toilet paper and hand sanitizer). Therefore if you’re a landlord or an agent in the short term and/or holiday rental market, you will definitely be feeling it from both sides.…

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9 April 2020
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What is Property Technology, and How Can it Help Me?

Property Technology (or PropTech) is the general name for technology focused on the property industry. Similar to FinTech, which concentrates on the financial world, PropTech is designed with the goal in mind to simplify an industry that is traditionally…

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11 March 2020
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Tasmania Housing Crisis Media Release

The Tasmanian housing crisis is something that we have been paying close attention to at Instarent. For one of the first times we are seeing the social and economic effect of new platforms such as AirBnB within the Hobart and Tasmanian community.

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25 February 2020
Aron Akca Aron Akca in Tasmania Housing

How to Manage Repairs and Maintenance on an Investment Property

When you hire a property manager, a major part of their role is managing repair and maintenance requests on your rental property. You are reliant on their expertise to filter which repairs you need to urgently respond to, and connect you with a trades…

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5 February 2020
Aron Akca Aron Akca in Properties, Property Maintenance

Single Mother Receives Instant Bush Fire Aid, Tech Solution Applauded.

Innovative Bush Fire Appeal Applauded as Single Mother Receives Instant Aid. Mother and daughter relocated by Instarent Innovative solution receives ovation from industry experts Instarent seeks to aid more families in need while assisting…

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28 January 2020
Aron Akca Aron Akca in Australian Bush Fires

Subdivision of An Investment Property - The Facts You Need

There are a variety of ways to create wealth through property development, including subdividing a property. Subdivision entails converting a single block of land into two (or more) plots. This might be a great opportunity for you to build a rental unit…

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20 January 2020
Aron Akca Aron Akca in Properties

Aussie Businessman Donates $70M to Bush-Fire Appeal.

Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest has made the biggest donation to the Australian bushfire crisis so far. The Australian businessman has pledged a whopping $70 million for a bushfire recovery package that will help people on the frontlines as well as those…

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9 January 2020
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Preparing For A Rental Inspection - Tips To Ensure You Keep Your Landlord Happy

If you are renting a property in Australia, be prepared for regular inspections. Rental inspections allow a landlord to check their property to ensure it’s being cared for. In most cases, tenants will be given a good amount of advanced notice, so you…

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19 December 2019
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