What is a supermoon?

The moon’s orbit isn’t perfectly circular, so several times a year – mostly at the end or beginning of the year – the moon comes closer to Earth and produces a supermoon, Adam Joyce, senior scientific officer at Macquarie University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, told Yahoo7 News.

“The moon is going to be in its closest approach to the Earth, that’s why it does look bigger and brighter,” Mr Joyce said.

“It will probably be pretty similar to the 2016 supermoon… It will be pretty spectacular.”

When the moon is at its closest point to our planet, it will be about 356,800 kilometres away from Earth.


Best times to watch in each capital city

The moon is set to reach its fullest phase at 2:53am [AEST] on Wednesday morning, but experts believe the best time to observe the event is at ‘moonrise’ – when the moon is rising up from the horizon.

“The times that you really want to see it is when it’s on the horizon. Otherwise another spectacular time to see it would be when it’s highest in the sky,” My Joyce said.

And while each city will have slightly different moonrise times, one thing that can ruin a viewing is cloud cover.

In Sydney, the moon will rise at 7:39pm (local time). But if you were planning to head outside and have a look, you might be out of luck. Heavy cloud cover is expected to loom over the city throughout the night.

For Melbourne residents, the supermoon will rise at 8:11pm, but cloud cover will again hinder the view.

In Adelaide and Perth, residents can also expect the moon to rise at 8:11pm. Both cities will have magnificent views with barely any cloud cover.

In Brisbane, those wanting to catch a glimpse of the event should head outside at 6:21pm. The city is predicted to have a cloud-free night – perfect for those wanting to get a clear photo of the moon.

For Darwin residents, the moon will show at 7:04pm, but just like Sydney and Melbourne, heavy cloud cover could block the magnificent sight from being seen.

In Hobart, the moon will make an appearance at 8:12, but unfortunately there will be plenty of clouds about at the same time. If you’re prepared for a late night however, the clouds are expected to clear between 10pm and 2am.

Aj Chand


Aj Chand