Comparably by income Australia sits next to Sweden, Canada, Italy, and Iceland in the cost of buying a home in a major city. June's latest worldwide property prices allow you to compare cost of living to life quality and more financial and affordability facts across 112 countries.







Aussie averaged just under $500k - 53% higher than the world average.


Globally the average is $290k for a flash home. Aussie averaged just under $500k - 53% higher than the world average. Compared to Hong Kong's insane 838% difference, prime location housing is not cheap no matter where you lay your hat.


Hong Kong is the most expensive country to buy in the top, at $2.7 million (AUD), while in Egypt, a location in their hottest locales will set you back $52k and is currently the cheapest place to reside on the planet.




By square metre, the ten most expensive spaces from 106 countries:


• London, UK $24,103.82

• Zurich, Switzerland $23,458

• Geneva, Switzerland $19,987

• Luxembourg, Luxembourg $19,143

• Munich, Germany $18,489

• Paris, France $18,270

• Stockholm, Sweden $16,203

• Basel, Switzerland $15,438

• Amsterdam, Netherlands $13,798

• Helsinki, Finland $13,607



Australia comes in at 17 by the metre.


What about income ratios, rental yields, affordability and each country's percentage of income? We are climbing to 50% as a percentage of our income purchasing in the hottest property markets in Australia.



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Property Prices Index by Country 2022

Quality of Life Index by Country 2022

Cost of Living Index by Country 2022

Crime Index by Country 2022

Health Care Index by Country 2022

Pollution Index by Country 2022

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