As a third decade renter and having to house hunt again, "I'd like to say, It's not at all a good experience."
Renting as a necessity or desire seems to house little difference for Australia's long term residential renters. With only a twelve-month period being the most extended option, signing up for a new lease leaves little security if you're looking for a long-term home. Unless you score that perfect connection with your agent, it can be a very nomadic lifestyle wanted or not.



Part One- Interview with a long term renter.


The turnaround in a great tenant starts early. Six months in, there's no time to unpack from the last move. Before you know it, you're at it searching again. Even if you get lucky for a few years, the property cycle, sales or even agent neglect set you up for another property search.


With over 2.6 million Aussie households renting and numbers likely to increase, homeownership for 30% of the population looks unfathomable, and our younger gens face an almost impossible task of ever getting into the property market at all.




"It's fundamentally flawed, and nothing much has changed for
the tenant other than a decrease in service from agencies and
higher rents for nothing more than location. Not much in the way of real communication about the actual home ever takes place.


I really think it comes down to decades of zero connection owners have with the people actually living in their homes as to why some rentals are so bad, and property neglect (on both sides) remains so high."

Property owners and investors with more extensive portfolios tell us that one of their biggest gripes with their agent is not being informed about the property itself. Their agent's focus is on tenant fees and commercial viability for themselves. Some prefer not to let you know a problem exists and at times missed altogether as rental agents move around as much as their tenants do.



"I really love renting and will for life; it's just that the process of it sucks!"


When losing count of how many rental properties you've lived in (over 18 moves) seems reserved for decade's long renters with short-term memory lease issues. Flashbacks, a drive-by, smell or song can bring it all back to life. "That's right! I lived there too."


It's horror stories on repeat with a half measure of beautiful anecdotes of tenancies, properties and the odd, lovely owner or agent's past.


Laughable in the worst way through to complete amazement, confusion or total awe of both renters and owners alike. It's not always smooth for the tenant, owner, or the property itself.





"It's why I chose Instarent; I am in full control and deal directly with the owner and renting needed a serious upgrade. Working from home needs bells and whistles now more than ever. Preferring a great internet connection over a new oven, I'd pay more for amenities that are updated to modern needs. And that does not mean a washing machine in the kitchen!"



End of Part 1



There's so much more to this fantastic tale, and we will share our second conversation with a long-term renter next week.



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Sam Bloch