Who is your agent and what does he do?


Asking the same question to a director about his business and its manager, he will spit the answer back at you before you finish the phrase. It’s quite alarming that millions of Australian landlords read that phrase in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice impersonating kindergarten cop - in other words, they wouldn't take it very seriously.

Think about it, the question relates to the biggest asset you own. Matter of fact, you probably don’t even fully own it yet. The inability to answer the above question is anything but a joke. Property management is not rocket science!

Information on managing my property definitely should be accessible to the common person, not just a savvy agent working for a nationwide corporation.

We have some good news for those who have stumbled across this page to understand more about agent free property managing, what a property manager does and most importantly how to save money. Instarent is a mobile application which centralizes all aspects of property management into one place, landlords can simply list and rent their properties. Trades and services also get their own sector of the app, giving users instant and transparent access to obtain a quote for a required service for property maintenance.?

Sounds great doesn’t it? Well it gets even better.

Instarent is completely free to landlords and tenants. Yep, you read right.

The reason is simple, we would like to empower landlords to take control of their properties, to understand their investment from the inside and out. We aim to remove all the hidden fees and agendas within the biggest asset our country has, its land.

We would like to be known as the brand that challenged the status quo of the rental market.

Here are the answers to Frequently Asked Questions on No Agent Property Management.


How do I list my property? Templates on our app are completely free and simple to use, we also have ongoing support if you require any assistance.

How do I find a tenant? Tenants will find you! They will apply for your property, you receive notifications of our vetted tenants and select who you would like to meet for inspection.

Where do I get all the required documents? All required documents such as tenancy agreements are included free in our easy to use app.

What if I already have a tenant? Once you create your property listing, you simply invite your tenant with one click.

How do I collect payments and my bond? All payments are made through the app, we have an option to submit through PayPal for extra security.

What if my tenant doesn’t pay rent on time? We automatically send notifications and reminders on your behalf; however, you can take further action through the app itself.

How do I speak to my tenant? You can speak to your tenant through the app, all data will be held for good - so you can have everything documented for any future reference.

How do I transfer from my agent? This process is simple, we have a form online which you can fill and forward directly to your agent, which sends us all the information we need to jump you across to our platform.

What if my tenant moves? Once click is all it takes to re-list your property.

What happens if my property needs repair? We have a trades and services platform attached which can be used to allocate a tradesman to the job. Filling a job request form makes it simple, effective and transparent amongst all parties.

How do I list my business? Simply sign up as a tradie on our app, or feel free to contact our team for any further assistance.


This all sounds great, but how does it work?!

Instarent has been built using the latest tech straight from silicon-valley, meeting all national bligational requirements as property tech and ISO security standards on a global level. We are proud to say we are hosted by Amazon and all your data is more than safe with us in an encrypted cloud up to the standards of the most trusted tech companies in the world.


Download our app on the app store or google play store today and start managing your property for free.


Click here to view our app explainer videos

Aj Chand


Aj Chand