Every year, thousands of investors flock to the real estate marketplace to find their first investment property or to expand their property portfolio.


Investment property owners often have a long-term value investment plan on generating a positive yield on their investment. Simultaneously, they have been growing equity and watching the market prices climb with demand struggling to match supply. 


Once the contracts are signed and the dust settles, the agent usually introduces a property manager to help the investor enter the market and find a tenant. This comes at a hefty rate of around 5% of the rental agreement, along with all the well-hidden fees which are conveniently left blurry by the agents we love! 


Instarent has stepped in with ground breaking technology behind their app, straight from silicon valley to triumphant the property managers who notoriously get paid for doing, well not much at all. Navigating through Instarent for just 10 minutes makes you question why you ever paid an agent to do the work for you in the first place.


The app boasts some extraordinary features such as:

  • tenancy agreements
  • push notifications
  • payment reminders
  • a property maintenance task manager with a trades & services aspect
  • transparent 3 way chat
  • property management tracking
  • analytical data and much more

There is no reason the investor should pay an agent to do all the work that a mobile app can do. Right?!


Instarent is proudly hosted by Amazon meeting all ISO security standards and integrated with PayPal for one of many payment solutions for landlords and tenants.


For more information, download our app or contact our team today!



Aj Chand


Aj Chand