As state-based laws and regulations evolve at vastly differing paces, tenancies, lease obligations, and the individual rights every renter has under the law can differ across the country.



Get to know all the resources available for a happier tenancy or how to handle and rectify any issue you may have with your landlord.








Join us as we make our way across the country and delve into the legal rights of an Aussie renter




Join Instarent’s deep dive across the nation as we discover state-by-state resources all residential renters have at their fingertips.



We’re making it simple to tap and click your way around hundreds of factsheets, government and non-for-profits with the best resources to empower leaseholders to manage your rental with full compliancy, peace-of-mind and ease.




Tenants’ Union of NSW




Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Renting in NSW

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The Tenants’ Union of NSW provides legal advice, assistance, and info to tenants


For the complete list of resources for NSW renters please click below

Tenants’ Union Resources NSW







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