From taking DIY pictures of your own property to signing digital tenancy agreements, technology has made it easier to go contactless.


Here is a step-by-step guide to handing over your property under lockdown conditions.


1. Sign a digital tenancy agreement


There’s no need to print out documents or sign anything in person. For instance, at Instarent, we offer our landlords digital tenancy agreements based on the government templates of their respective states. These can be signed by both parties within minutes.


2. Invest in a lockbox


You don’t need to post the keys to your tenants in order to make a contactless handover…which could take days longer than expected! Nor do you need to throw the keys over the fence in order to maintain social distancing.




Simply invest in a lockbox and fasten it to the exterior of the house for your tenant’s convenience. Then set the code, and send it to your tenants via message.


Your tenants will be able to access the keys contact-free whenever they arrive at the property, making it the simplest option for tenants and landlords alike.


Many families and share houses also prefer to have lockboxes to make overcome the issue of key sharing…and forgetfulness!


3. Continue to manage your property remotely


Managing a property remotely is easier than ever with apps like Instarent.

The only part of the process that isn’t contactless, is the quarterly / bi-annual inspection that you make. However, under lockdown conditions, you may want to consider asking your tenant if they’re willing to carry out contactless inspections via video call.

Jas Cavanough


Jas Cavanough