Still unsure where to draw that one on the green form this Saturday? Selecting the top 8 in order is a complicated task; most take a total pass on the expanded version unless you’ve involved some serious web searches, investigative googling, and added time to shuffle a metre of paper inside a 45cm wide cardboard booth. If you’re taking the extended version for a whirl, give yourself about 30 minutes before re-emerging.





On exit, you will notice 100's of voters shuffling in line with impatience - they did hear your thoughts of regret for not sticking to the top 8 option and a quicker exit



Most of us will decide this week (if not in the booth) and spend an extra few minutes taping and clicking our way through the final DMs of the PM and Albanese, deciphering spin from fact while political rabbits are rapidly jumping out of old hats.




 Get Real Australian Housing Data




If you want to make a more definite and calculated decision, there's official Australian housing and rental data at your fingertips to assist in deciding on your vote.

If you’re purely basing a vote on either party’s offerings, national, State, financial or ownership affordability, we recommend a visit to and look at the facts that matter most to you.




Find, explore, export and share any relevant housing information you choose


The housing market information available is immense and offers almost 30 data sets, over 70 options and an interactive display to play with.



  • National and State-based data
  • Homeownership demographics
  • Australian property values
  • Australian property sales
  • Rental affordability
  • Property loan stats
  • Lending commitments
  • First home buyers



Happy data hunting and voting!



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Sam Bloch


Sam Bloch