In this section we can see some simple video's on how to add your property with Instarent. The simple step by step on-boarding processes sets up your property quickly so you can begin managing your property. 


Lets add your property to Instarent! 😎

Navigate to your dashboard and on the right hand side select the third tab 'add property' then follow steps! See Naomi explaining the first Step!


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I Need of a Tenant? We Can Help 😆

Add your property as vacant! from there you can choose to list the property on Instarent to access our tenants.

Check out our 'Starter' product which is available to landlords looking to lease their property.

First, Lets add that soon to be leased property! 



Do You Already Have a Tenant? 😊

If you already have a tenant then the processes is all the more simple! If not don't worry, Instarent has hundreds of tenants looking for their new property.

Watch Naomi explaining the next step for listing your rented property!



That's how easy it is to begin every aspect of managing your property with Instarent. Just as importantly, you can begin gaining exposure to our hundereds of tenants on the platform, or to Australia's leading listing platforms!60 Day Free Trial 



Aron Akca


Aron Akca