Thanks, KPMG. We’re very honoured to have been noticed for the work that we’re doing in order to transform the rental market in Australia and beyond.



At Instarent, we’re working hard to get our message out.

We believe that landlords have the right to take control of their assets, and that they are in the best position to manage their own properties.

It’s not just about saving our landlords money. Don’t get us wrong: we love to do it. But we have a deeper mission; one that goes beyond simply cutting out the middleman.

After all, a landlord always has a more intimate connection to their own property than an agent does, which means that landlords are more in touch with what a property (and a tenant) actually needs.




👉 What makes Instarent so innovative?

For us, property is anything but boring. Over the last year, we’ve been running all sorts of initiatives in order to explore the limits and the opportunities of the property market.

Did you hear about our response to the end of the Australian rental moratorium earlier this year? We've set out on a mission to help struggling Aussie families by offering one family with free housing nation-wide for a year, as well as trying to support more families through subsidising their rental price.

It’s these kinds of initiatives that are helping us to explore the role that we can play in better serving landlords, tenants and the broader community.



👉 What’s next?

Instarent is growing, and we’re so happy that - thanks to the likes of KPMG - more and more landlords are discovering our platform and choosing to list their properties on our website.

We imagine a world where landlords and tenants no longer have to accept subpar service from rental agents, and where landlords and tenants can enjoy the efficiency and security offered by our simple-to-use app.


👉 Follow us on our journey

Whether you’re a landlord, tenant, tradie or prospective buyer, you can follow the Instarent journey by tuning into our blog or following our socials. By creating an account with us, you’ll automatically opt in to our weekly emails, which you can opt out of at any time.

We post updates - including industry news and new properties - to Instagram and Facebook, as well as LinkedIn.

Jas Cavanough


Jas Cavanough