Provide a secure, automated and efficient way to pay and collect rent. 

The wait is over. All too well do we know the struggle to manage rental payment collection. Whether tenants simply forget to pay rent or just don’t have the money available, late payments impact your own financial situation, especially when you need to use your own money to cover expenses. That’s all about to change with the introduction of automated and on-demand rental payments through the Instarent application.



Schedule Automated Rental Payments Instaren-schedule

Automate the collection of rental fees and maximise your cash flow with I or settlement into your bank account within a time period convenient for you. 


icons-02-1Receive Instant Payment Notifications 

Maintain visibility of all tenant payments directly through Instarent's platform. Ezypay's integration with Instarent ensures that Landlords have visibility of accurate and real-time payment data and are notified instantly with updates.


icons-03-1Significantly Reduce Arrears

Simplify your payments and reduce arrears with regular, on-time and automated rental payments. Instarent automatically notifies tenants and provides them with multiple payment options to resolve their payment if it doesn't succeed the first time. 


payment optionsOffer Payment Options to Tenants

Instarent gives tenants the choice of multiple payment options including bank direct debits, debit card and credit card payments via VISA, MasterCard and AMEX. Our responsive online forms work across multiple channels and devices allowing tenants to sign up anytime, on any device. 


Security and ComplianceSecurity and Compliance 

Our cloud platform is PCI DSS (payment card industry data security standard) accredited and is compliant with the relevant Australian and local country's banking rules and regulations. Ensure all your debit and credit card handling, billing and payment processing are achieved at the highest level of security. Check out our platform for free.



Jonathan Midghall


Jonathan Midghall