We were so happy to sit down with one of our customers, Tarun Goenka, to ask him about his experience with Instarent.
J: Overall, how did you find you experience with Instarent?

T: Unbelievable. I initially thought that it would take ages to get a tenant through [Instarent’s] app. I couldn't believe when I found the tenant while the property was still listed with another agency.

J: And what is your favourite thing about Instarent?

T: The ease with which I'm able to list the property, find a tenant, and manage it professionally. It’s just as any property agent would do for me, but at a fraction of the cost of what they would charge. Managing the property is so much easier. It’s hard to believe, but one can only experience this once they go through the process.

J: Has Instarent made your investment property more affordable / profitable? If so, how?

T: The property was listed with an agency for a while, but as they couldn't find a tenant due to [COVID], I had to lower the rent. However, it was kept same on Instarent, and I found the tenant at that [original] price.

J: Would you ever go back to an agency?

T: If the process goes as smooth as how it started, I don't think I would ever go to an agency.

J: Would you recommend Instarent to others?

T: I would, purely because the process is so easy and quick. I'm quite sure that [Instarent] will become very popular in the coming days.

A shot of Tarun's lovely investment property
We’re stoked that Tarun had such glowing feedback for us!

If you’d like to join him and the many happy landlords who are making the switch to an easier, more affordable way to manage their properties, head on over to Instarent!
Jas Cavanough


Jas Cavanough