The Tasmanian housing crisis is something that we have been paying close attention to at Instarent. For one of the first times we are seeing the social and economic effect of new platforms such as AirBnB within the Hobart and Tasmanian community.

Although the government is working to resolve the ongoing housing issues, we believe as an Australian based company we should try our best to help alleviate the problems facing real Tasmanians, which includes a sharp increase in homelessness due to rental affordability, and adoption of short term holiday rentals.

Instarent, Australia’s first self-managed property application platform has extended its services to Tasmania. With this we believe our technology can make the medium to long term housing market a more viable option for landlords, who have become accustomed to utilising technology as a means of managing property. More efficient processes, reduced costs and open transparency can drive down property costs, and increase the likelihood of tenants and landlords to find accommodation.


Instarent users benefit from added transparency between landlord and tenant, and in doing so save on unwanted fees related to hiring a property manager.

“We’re excited to extend our services to Tasmania, we’ve been keeping an eye on the Tasmanian property market and the issues it’s been experiencing on a social and economic level.” said Instarent CEO AJ Chand

“It’s a market that has been impacted severely by rising demand in short term housing.”

Instarent users are also expected to save on a management fee of 5-10% for the day-to-day management of the lease. In Hobart and other Tasmanian cities such as Launceston, a fee on the lower end of the scale is possible – however a higher management fee is almost always expected for rural areas.

“I’m expecting to save on 5-10% of the property yield by finally putting my investment on the Instarent platform.” said prospective user Matthew Ferguson, who owns an investment property outside of capital city Hobart. “Not to mention I’ll also be saving on hidden costs like marketing, inspections and administration fees.”

Instarent in Tasmania is live and taking listings, living by its mission to empower landlords and tenants to manage no-agent properties.

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Instarent has re-invented the rental market, using technology to make property management transparent, efficient and renting simple for all users. Our mobile application makes it simple to list/manage your property, rent a property and service properties. Our mission is to empower landlords, tenants and tradies to work off a self-managed, high-security platform compliant with ISO standards so that all parties involved in the management of a property have a transparent, efficient, simple and affordable way to manage a property.

We strive to challenge the status quo in property management. We do this with the reinvention of the current process, moving to a paperless platform and rental property management app, built exclusively for landlords and tenants.

Affordable property management is now within reach. We have brought together property advertising, tenancy applications and property management services into one easy application, removing the need for an agent. End to end property management, all in one easy to use app - available on IOS and Android.

Aron Akca


Aron Akca