As a renter you’ve probably thought investing in the Aussie residential property market would never be achievable. Many of us that rent if able to invest at all, would likely be into alternatives from shares to crypto or the myriad of other riskier options compared to being able to invest into our local booming and basically unbreakable housing market.


Renters should invest in residential property too!



It’s out of my realm so I don’t even consider it! Off-limits (so you think) is the consensus when a renter contemplates investing in the Aussie residential property market. Investment options were till now commercial property only and by investing in small percentages you reaped rewards through the rental of the managed property.

As residential property investing is becoming more readily available in the same way it’s now gaining momentum and traction as little investors stockpile their smaller percentages into a new block of units or a gigantic complex or two.
Simple math will get you better returns by investing into our residential rental market as commercial slides due to Covid uncertainty while the res market, especially rental remains strong.
These types of investment properties can be managed on Instarent as our platform maximises the ROI larger operators with multi-million-dollar portfolios require. A steady stream of qualified renters searching for their next home all connect to enhance the rental experience.




Meetings with our self-managed property owners and larger companies that maintain their rentals on Instarent told us their main demands were for more user-friendly (automated and cheap) applications that are designed not only for property management (complete business requirements, legal and compliancy) but now also for the tenant too (Bloody renters!).

It’s now becoming imperative to make sure renters are happy too.




Technology and no filters allow our tenants to express their experiences anywhere anytime without hesitation. Watch out tyrant owners, your days are almost over.

Moving into self-managed property for the big end of town requires happy long-term tenants and this part of the user-experience is moving to a self-applicant model with automated facilities that handle the grunt of the rental experience i.e., remove the agents cut (reduce their interactions) as the Netflix of real estate takes over the industry.

Ok, stop the spiel. Back to how us mortal investors can enter the residential rental market without having to buy a property or jump into cohabitation with an unsavoury associate or relative whose habits you just cannot live with.

Investing is all about certainty and if you’re going to do it in res property it’s best leaving it to the pros. Check out below for some info and do some research as there are some great ways to gain the Aussie Dream and be a homeowner or at the least own a small piece of it.

Here’s some sites and googling opportunities to get you started.

Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts (AREITs) are the way with some residential offerings from Goodman or Mirvac or you can just Google AREIT and go nuts.

Also check your self-managed super fund (SMSF) for residential property investing options.

Alt investing in Australian residential real estate is growing and with development projects and the home construction arena there is something for every investor no matter the budget.

Until next time and thanks for yours!




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Sam Bloch


Sam Bloch