Unless you have managed to purchase a house in Australia before moving here or you are planning to stay with closest relatives, you first home is more likely a rented home or apartment. If you take time to research and study the Australian market, you will learn about the pros and cons of renting, and you need to be aware of the common pitfalls as well as the advantages it offers.

If you are in Australia for a temporary visa, it will be more costly and challenging for you to purchase than it actually is for residents or for those who hold permanent visas. The reason for this is that you’ll not be entitled to exemptions and grants as the first-time owner.

In case you are planning to stay for a year or two, then it may not really be worth to purchase a house because of taxes and all the other usual expenses involved. Moreover, depending on the global economy’s volatility, investing in properties outside of your home country may not make sense.

How to Find a Rental Property in Australia

Looking for a property might be different from your own home country. In Australia nowadays, Australians mostly do their online search, but there are still available print advertisements to consider. There are various things to also take into account like parking spaces, proximity to public transport, garden space needed for kids, rooms required and budget. You should know the important things before starting your online search. This will make the process more targeted and easier.

Choosing a Location

You must apply similar criteria to find a rental property as you also would to purchase a house. This is true especially if you intend to rent for long term. Remember that the word “suburb” means a city’s residential outskirt. In Australia however, this term is used to describe different areas within a particular city. The city itself is commonly the business district or downtown.

When choosing a location, you initially need to find that suburb that you really like and that you can afford to. The suburb must also be convenient for your work. If you are emigrating with family, take time to check on the local schools.

The Australian Suburban Trends share statistics on transport, crime and education levels. Data within the search is a little bit old, but this provides general expectations for every suburb.

Rental Property Search Online

The most convenient and useful resource for locating and finding the rental property is online. The internet allows you to search for rental properties within your targeted area. You can just type in “property for rent” on the search bar followed by the town or city name if you’re planning to proceed for the wealth of rental property options.

One of the great things about searching for rental property online is the excellent number of deals and options that you will be exposed to. Unlike newspaper advertisements with only limited lines of information, you can get a map of locations, internal and external photos and a more detailed description of the features of the property. There are reliable and helpful sites that you can turn to give you relevant information about available rental properties and insights about the Australian rental market in general. Most of these sites are accessible and user-friendly. You just need to enter the size of the property, price range for weekly or monthly rent, suburb and more. They will then bring up a selection of ideal properties commonly organized according to the rental price.


There’s a huge demand in the Australian rental property market, and rents are commonly high. The huge demand is brought up by known factors like shortage of properties for the ever-growing population; houses are costly for pushing up the rental prices and many foreign workers entering Australia to take jobs and more. All these factors tend to add pressures to a number of available rentals especially on locations with the greatest boom.

Individuals who are planning to rent a property in Australia must remember all these things to ensure that their journey towards renting their first home in the said country will be a smooth, convenient and hassle-free experience. Knowledge about the rental market and all other related factors can also help you make wise rental decisions. 

Aj Chand


Aj Chand