“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results - Jack Dixon

There is nothing I enjoy more than achieving my set goals and feeling the achievement chemicals release in my blood stream. A free dose of serotonin and dopamine rewarded for the hard work and discipline it takes to make positive change, I am here to share what I’ve learnt with our readers to feel this same form of satisfaction that money can not buy.

Complexity is the enemy of execution.

By making something hard all you’re really achieving is an excuse to not get it done, how many of us fall victim to this?

People over estimate what they can achieve in 1 year, however they under estimate what they can achieve in 5.

OK So we are setting resolutions for the new year however for most people I have encountered, the list of resolutions is so long that there is a very slim chance they will succeed in achieving them all. Most will burn out trying to achieve them all at once and not getting the results they want, its crazy I see this all the time.

Short term solutions are usually a long-term problem.

Anything that produces a short-term result is going to cause long term problems, you simply cannot expect to borrow from your future to make today easier than it should be and expect to not run into issues when its time to pay back the dues.

If you lacked motivation in 2018, settings goals for 2019 is not going to change your level of motivation.

Let’s face it, we can’t expect a measurement created by humans (time) to motivate us. If we want to make change, we need to take some serious action and before taking serious action we need to start with the most important question which is up next.


The reason we ask the question ‘why?’ is to find clarity, before asking ‘why’ the vision is fuzzy we have little understanding on the reason behind the motive. Without having a reason behind our motives, we will simply seek a way to complicate the motive which then prevents us from getting it done which spirals into killing our motivation. Goodbye 2019, you were no different than 2018.


Exercise: Lets find if your resolution is right for you.

I will run through this exercise with you to assist applying the newly attained knowledge to life, the bold fonts being the questions and non-bold fonts being MY answers. You will need to answer your own and visit mine only as example on how to answer the questions.

What are your New Years Resolutions?

I would like to grow the amount of readers my blogs attract and grow within my roles across instarent.

I would like to take my fitness up a level and take the mobility side of fitness more seriously.

I would like to find a way to add more quality to the time I spend with family.

Why have you selected these resolutions?

I believe that the better I feel, the better I perform this belief being both physically and emotionally which is why I would like to start with myself.

Being the best version of myself will optimize my performance so I can deliver the quality of work required to develop those who work beside me along with the content I deliver to those turning to instarent for innovative inspiration. My ultimate goal is to get my colleagues and our clients to feel the same level of achievement I have felt over my life & career.

Some food for thought.

If you have selected something like cleaning up your diet to your list of change and happen to eat a cheeseburger during an un-anticipated busy day, you haven’t just destroyed your resolution. That feeling of guilt is a good thing, matter of fact without it you know you’ve been failing till the cheeseburger. The moral of this paragraph is that guilt means we have done everything in our conscious ability to live up to this expectation we have set on our-selves. We should spend some time reflecting on how often we use to eat cheeseburgers compared to this one off due to life conditions, rather than starting the engine of self-pity.


Thank you for reading my blog,

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Aj Chand


Aj Chand