How to take DIY pics of your rental property during COVID

1. Use the assets you have at your disposal If you have a smartphone with a good camera, you don’t need to invest in a professional SLR camera. Since you’re probably only shooting for digital (given the constraints of the pandemic), there’s no need to…

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8 September 2021
Jas Cavanough Jas Cavanough in Properties, Property Maintenance, Home Repairs, Property Management, Covid19, listing, how to, Real Estate, Property Trend, Property Sales

How to Manage Repairs and Maintenance on an Investment Property

When you hire a property manager, a major part of their role is managing repair and maintenance requests on your rental property. You are reliant on their expertise to filter which repairs you need to urgently respond to, and connect you with a trades…

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5 February 2020
Aron Akca Aron Akca in Properties, Property Maintenance