The rental moratorium is back: What does this mean for you?

The rental moratorium is back. But this week, SBS reported on the stress some tenants are experiencing after being asked to leave their homes.

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28 July 2021
Jas Cavanough Jas Cavanough in Covid19, Private Rentals, Rental Eviction, Rental Moratorium, Property Management Advice, Real Estate, Property Trend

Instarent Named in KPMG Real Estate Innovation White Paper

Thanks, KPMG. We’re very honoured to have been noticed for the work that we’re doing in order to transform the rental market in Australia and beyond.

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13 July 2021
Jas Cavanough Jas Cavanough in Insider, Property Management, Rental Moratorium, Real Estate, Property Trend, Investing

How will the rental moratorium ending affect homelessness in Australia

Millions of Australians around the country have feared the worst as the rental moratorium ended and tenants fear they will be left without a roof over their heads.

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29 April 2021
Emma Shepherd Emma Shepherd in Property Management, Property Technology, Rental Eviction, Rental Moratorium, Real Estate, Property Sales