Breaking into the rental market in this day and age, is becoming increasingly harder and harder for the average Australian Jo Blow, though cracking the code early to gain investment properties is the hidden secret to success. Our finance costs and daily living essentials are sky rocketing to an unimaginable amount, making it a battle in itself to invest and score investment rental properties that fit our needs. It's so incredibly important to begin thinking about the investment property market and a way to get your foot in the door, from the beginning of your sustainable working career. Investing whilst young, can reek the benefits; creating a great opportunity to expand and grow your property portfolio and property rental knowledge to new and exciting heights.


The monetary benefit

The rental market is scattered with gold mines that are saturated with various benefits especially for those who invest within the early stages of their life. Ranging from the maximisation of cash flow that enables one to pay off their properties at a quicker and faster ideal pace. To the constant increasing appreciation for the value of the investment/s over time and at the current rate of the apartment and house rental market, appreciation will always deliver positive benefits.


Creating a sense of balance

The gateway into the rental market is tough and daunting. We tend to feel a sense of guilt; we still want the luxurious overseas holiday and enjoying nights out with your friends and being able to save our finances to both afford and unlock the gateway into the property market. Creating that sense of balance, and priority can ultimately encourage and stimulate you to establish goals within the rental market.


Diversify your investment portfolio

Building your personalised property portfolio is important. It can be achieved especially at an early age and through out your life. By diversifying your portfolio in range and variety it enables opportunities to build and reduce the total risk on your rental investment property portfolio, by spreading your assets and knowledge to a range of classes, markets and time periods.


Having the power

Unlike a lot of investments made within your lifetime, property investment enables individuals to grasp a greater level of control and authority over their individual properties. The property market is a hot market at the moment, it’s a lifetime investment that all Australians, young and old should be considering, as it provides sustainability of life and opportunity for increased lifestyle and living. 

Aj Chand


Aj Chand