Don’t miss out on the scattered pots of gold in the Australian rental market.

Renting. It’s the word we all dread, but we shouldn’t, especially in our world today. We must face the challenges the rental market throws at us. Rental accommodation and properties have been in short supply in the last decade but with such a great demand as 2018 is slowly coming to a close and the property market is seeing a greater supply than ever before in the major Australian cities. However, with these positives there still comes multitude of challenges.


Affordability for renters

The proportion of households choosing to rent rather than buy is rapidly exploding, leading to the expansion and great spike in the accessibility and availability of rental properties in the high growth areas and development hot spots within Australia. This has seen the slight decrease in the price for tenants due to the large fierce competition, as each property fights to win you over with its nice views and open living spaces.


A brighter future

There is diversity of styles of apartments including lofts to town houses. The more that are built we are seeing an increase in the diversity and range of types of properties. The changing property market trends and styles have enabled cities in Australia such as Sydney, to provide some of the most diverse choice of houses in the market. That perfect home is waiting patiently amongst the hustle and bustle of construction.


The intertwined world of technology and real estate

Technology is intertwined in all aspects of our life, from business to our pleasure. It’s terrifyingly brilliant that technology is able to control and simplify processes which were once extensive and timely. We are able to access information and property listing for rent or to buy at the touch of a button. Technology doesn’t stop for anything, and that’s why the rental market is constantly evolving to keep up with the great competitive tech space. 

Aj Chand


Aj Chand