Assets are not assets when they're just debt. - Michael Burry, the big short.


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As seen on, Instarent can help off-set the market correction for landlords.

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Instarent, the simplest way to rent.


The property management app boasts a range of useful perks and features, such as the loaded tenancy agreements which are signed electronically between landlord and tenant then stored on the cloud. We have also added in extra features like maintenance services- from the tenant requesting a job to the tradesman selected, there is complete transparency amongst the users. Landlords will no longer be blindsided, tenants will be heard, and tradesman won’t waste their time quoting jobs that don’t yield a return.

All property data stored on the app is fully secure meeting Australian and global security standards.

Is it safe?

Instarent is hosted by Amazon, integrated with PayPal for payments and meets global security requirements. We pride ourselves on high tech security as our main priority is to keep our users safe and our app easy to use.


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Aj Chand


Aj Chand