Whether you have one or multiple, managing your properties can be pretty overwhelming at times. An endless stream of mundane repetitive tasks that can consume a large portion of your time.

There is rent collection and expenses to track, documents to store and to be compliant, property inspections, tenants to find and communicate with, not to mention correlating all of you information for the end of the financial year. Here's hoping you haven't missed placed that one document you thought you had somewhere.

Large companies invest in technology for many reasons, namely to save time, reduced costs, scale efficiently and as a consequence have a more profitable business. The real estate industry historically lags behind technological advances in the wider business community, as legacy business models and process of 'doing business' present a barrier to innovation within the larger companies. 

So what does the Instarent technology do?


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At Instarent we believe that individual home owners should be able to automate their rental properties with industry leading technology which is usually reserved for the larger real estate enterprise companies for internal processes. Instarent has digitalsed and automated the key processes of the property management, all contained within a mobile app and platform. Instarent's features.

The Many Pros of Property Management Software

1) Cost

Our property software is a fraction of the cost, saving loads in both money and time. Increasing the cash flow on your property by thousands of dollars a year can make difference in paying you property rates and mortgage repayments. 

2) Accounting

Instarent automatically collects, tracks and provides a financial snapshot of your properties. See how Instarent is revolutionising rent collection.

3) Notifications 

Send and receive built in notices. (e.g. to enter the premises, non payment of rent, rental increases, termination notice.)  Communicate with tenants and tradesmen via our 3rd party chat functions and through our app! 

4) Automated Reminders

Automating reminders, not just for your tenants but for yourself means you will never forget about important things again. For example, set a reminder for your six months property inspection at the beginning of the lease. Make managing your time easy.

6) Accessibility

Going digital and mobile means that you will be able to update, notify and manage on the go. Having the power of property management in the palm of your hand.

8) Reduced Paperwork

We are steadily heading towards a time of full digitization. Online banking, emails, and the cloud means you no longer need to use paper at all for many applications. Which is good for the environment, but also just super handy.

Those immense piles of paper piled high and tucked away into vast filing cabinets, once the bane of a property manager's life is no longer necessary. If you automate much of that documentation, you’ll have eliminated the stress and errors so common.

10) Simplified Backup & Recovery

Having everything automatically stored online means, not only access anywhere in the world, but also that your data and information is backed up and stored safely for if you ever need it in the future.


Jonathan Midghall


Jonathan Midghall