The Wealth Report interactive is the definitive guide to lux real estate markets, property investment trends and the fortunate wealth opportunities of the globally extravagant and financially lucky.



The PIRI (Prime International Residential Index) tracks the price of the rich and famous pointy end of town and the insanely expensive abodes and gated communities spread over 100 territories or 'key' locations.










The Prime International Residential Index (PIRI) has two Aussie states in the Asia Pacific Top 5




Known as the "Key City, Sun and Ski Locations" throughout the Americas, the Asia-Pacific, and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa).




What's driving demand?



  • Low-interest rates and the availability of cheap finance
  • A shortage of prime stock
  • Rising wages and accrued savings in lockdowns
  • Strong equity market performance and record bonuses
  • A reassessment of housing needs and lifestyles
  • More flexible working patterns
  • Wealth creation – 5 million new millionaires in 2021 globally
  • The appeal of property as an inflation hedge


The Wealth Report by Knight Frank






Australian states Sydney and the Goldie both placed in the Top 5





Top 5 Asia-Pacific +7.5%



1. Seoul

2. Taipei

3. Gold Coast

4. Shanghai

5. Sydney



Top 5 The Americas +12.7%



1. San Diego

2. Miami

3. The Hamptons

4. Toronto

5. San Francisco




Top 5 EMEA +7.2%



1. Dubai

2. Moscow

3. Jersey

4. St Moritz

5. Amsterdam




What's inside the report




• Click and drag charts

• Select a location to highlight and track

• Explore luxury prices across top residential markets

• International residential locations performers

• Property investment




The Wealth Report



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