As we enter 2019, Australians are watching the equity margins on their property portfolios decline.

As many as 1 in 10 investment properties are even being left empty, as desperate property investors are offering lucrative anchors to find tenants; such as free bonds or 1 weeks free rent.

“In Homebush, where there has also been high-level construction, multiple homes are being offered with two weeks free rent” -Rents are going down: landlords make desperate offers to attract tenants. November 29, 2018 - News Corp.


Home bush is experiencing high levels of construction that has resulted in 100’s of homes being offered free of rent for 2 weeks

This isn't all bad news.


Those who anticipate change, adapt and flow with the times, are the ones benefiting during these times of chaos.


Innovative apps like Instarent are now the successors of property management, allowing users to manage investment properties for ZERO cost.


Property investors need to be savvy in protecting their portfolios, tenants are in the driving seat with supply exceeding demand.


Remember tenants can leave if mis- managed by agents, can landlords afford for that to happen?


Completely free for landlords and tenants. Its hard to believe how many strategically mapped thoughts the app consists of, from:

- Templates to list properties

- Template for tenancy agreements

- Payment reminders

- Property maintenance task manager 

- Integration of Trades and services

- Transparent 3 way chat function

- Access to Analytical data

- Property management tracking

- Ability to send logged notifications to tenants 

- PayPal integration as option for payments 


The list goes on and on! 


Click here to view landlord explainer video


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Click here to view trades and services explainer video


The Instarent App is now available for download in App store and Play store. 


Aj Chand


Aj Chand