If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.


You’ve made your investments with a vision of a better life, but something feels blank and hollow. Living up to the standard of our peers, achieving the first tangible item of “success” and you feel like you’re running face first into a wall. What now?

This feeling is made up of a few contributing factors such as – thinking that success is a tangible item or perhaps we don’t know what sort of investor we are. Let’s take a deeper look at this. There are four different types of investors. Which one are you?

A.     The Poor Investor

B.     The Ego-centric Investor

C.     The Conscientious Investor

D.     The Sophisticated Investor

While all forms of investing require guts, only two require planning and strategy and only one of these is going to lead to the vision we all share, Freedom.


The Poor Investor

All investors share the ambition to create a better future. The poor investor comes from no financial backing nor do they have much knowledge on investing. Poor investors may own a property or two, but they have very limited money to live. Just because no one teaches you how, does not mean you should neglect finding ways to make your investments work for you. Think about why investors make investments!


The Ego-centric Investor

Now being ego-centric means they stick out their chest with pride. This type of investor will make it clear they made the right decision and that their investment was a good investment. However, when things start to decline it’s never their fault right? Why is this type never at fault for anything? Why is it that a sophisticated investor can survive in any environment, but the ego-centric can lose an entire empire. The answer is simple, they don’t like adapting to change nor do they like taking responsibility when times are down. If you fit in here, we suggest you re-focus your mindset and save your future you have worked so hard to build. The world is dynamic, so our mindsets must also remain open and available to change.


The Conscientious Investor

Think of your accountant. He or she is very well thought out and makes great analytical decisions. So analytical that most of the conscientious investors I personally know thought the 27 year boom in housing would keep on going and if you don’t get in you will miss out. The problem with only picking the known safe options is that it leaves you blind to the options we don’t know exist! How can one prepare for a storm if they’ve only ever seen sunny days? The conscientious investor is a good mindset to be in, while in a good market, however when things go dull in this dynamic world, they are very vulnerable to suffering from anxiety as the masters of certainty now live in a world of chaos. Don’t stress, we’re here to help.


The Sophisticated Investor

Adaptive to change, forever learning, has clarity on why they do what they do and understands the meaning behind every investment made. This sort of investor doesn’t see tangible items as success, as they’re a living and breathing example of a what a truly successful mindset can achieve. Whether they have been handed knowledge / wealth from the family or made it for themselves, these investors understand that not losing is a lot more important than gaining. A sophisticated investor also knows the ins and outs of his investments, now you’d think its basic common sense to know what the million dollars you’ve invested is doing, and especially what exactly it is you’ve bought.


The Summary

The decision is final, being a sophisticated investor is the way to be, but how do we become dynamic? How do we change our mindsets that we’ve been stuck with our whole lives?


The answer is simple

We create new patterns to replace the old ones, we change the way we do things and everything else follows with the new successful patterns that have been stress tested to work for thousands of people over and over again.

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Aron Akca


Aron Akca