Have you ever looked at your rental agent and thought, I can do that better myself.






If you're searching the fastest way to rent, Instarent is Australia's largest virtual real estate service for property renters and property owners, and it's an all-in-one simple to use app. 



Instarent houses everything under one roof


As property owners, we require tenants to do their fair share and comply with laws, rules, and regulations, as renters we have the exact expectation of the home's owner. 


The reciprocal relationship and foundation ensure both tenant and landlord meet their mutual obligations when renting a residential home or property, and at the end of the lease, everyone is happy and moves on.


The evolution of rental has remained static. The past, and even currently, power is not equal for either the renter or the owners. This relationship's key makers (property owners) and key holders (renters) are at the mercy of one real estate agency, its limitations, bias, high fees, and costs. Why?


Renting is a two-way Street.

Now that the Australian-built Instarent has arrived and thrived on our streets, owners and tenants can and are safely embracing self-managed property rentals faster than ever before. 



Instarent offers an unbiased virtual
third-party realty service that places both the owner and renter safely in control
of their homes and tenancies.


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As Aussie renting evolves to a more technology-based and self-serviced structure, Instarent is at the forefront of these long-needed changes. Services like Airbnb have only reinforced the need for residential property leasing to have a similar platform.


A realty innovator embraced by the residential real estate industry, its peers, plus an endorsement by the Australian government too, you'll be joining thousands of other local property owners already leasing homes to great tenants on Instarent.


It's now more than a safe bet to switch
to self-managing your home rentals!




If you could easily accommodate all the necessities for fair, compliant and legal residential property leasing throughout Australia, would you DIY it and  save big bucks and time?


Property managers and tenants can now have  100% peace of mind  when moving into or renting out their homes. Instarent is a complete online system that handles the whole thing with you. 


We've placed that annoying middleman inside every connected device for instant and 24/7 access to real estate agency rental tools that work. Complete and road tested to simply make renting a better experience all-round, for tenants and owners.


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Compliance and legalities of renting don't change and with Instarent it becomes a safe DIY rental experience for everyone.


Owners and Property Managers list, search, apply and approve tenants all themselves. Renters now use a click with pre-approved documents to speed up and automate a once tedious process.


When applying for your new home or renting one out, Instarent puts you both in control and connects you throughout your lease and you just reapply with a click too.


Everything's online from listing to application to approval including all essentials including bond, auto rental payments and so much more. It's the key to renting in 2022 and the future and apart from the key handover we can now do the whole rental process virtually on any device.


It's the new rent control!

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Instarent assists with the A to Z andcompliancy for both sides so you directly handle your own rentals with all the tools required. If you either rent or rent out a home it's as secure as your current agency offerings and if you already have a tenant you can invite them to join you on Instarent too. 



Property rentals available in SYDNEY, NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD, SA, NT, WA and TAS


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Till next time and thanks for yours!


Sam Bloch


Sam Bloch