A renter's winter has come. If you've just gotten your head around paying for that lettuce, it's going to spin again; scanning an $11 bunch of dill (and maybe may make you one), as tomatoes have also grown 45%, broccoli rose 101%, and if dousing your salad in olive oil - that's now 33% more at the checkout.








It's like we are on a tv show in Westeros, and it's the final season where the writers have gotten it all wrong.





More insane food prices are on the way as we face the chillier months to come. Logistics and supply chain issues will continue or worsen, and a new, more brutal Covid strain adding to the never-ending list of woes for all households around Australia and the world.



If you're starting to add all this up and comparing our costs of living to only months ago, it is like we are on a tv show in Westeros, and it's the final season where the writers have gotten it all wrong.







The banks BS has me finally agreeing with one of Kochie's rants.




The banks being our writers and the rise in interest rates to combat inflation BS has me finally agreeing with Kochie's rant on Sunrise.



"We've lagged the rest of the world. Surely, that is negligence on the part of the Reserve Bank? Late last year, November December, the Reserve Bank, Philip Lowe, was telling Aussies to go out and borrow, go out and borrow as much as you like, on the understanding. I'm not going to put up official interest rates till 2024"



David Koch said.





All banks did precisely the same thing.




Along with all the expenses that have recently jolted mortgage holders, investors, and renters alike, when you add all these up, it's almost unfathomable that all banks did precisely the same thing.



Banks are making millions daily internationally – These banks (Approx. $7 mil profits in OZ top 4 alone – every day during the pandemic) are the ones who edit the story and cry poor – while we pay for the pain our weekly wallets endure.






As renters, it can be even tougher to manage it all.



We are in the most competitive era of rental applications in history when applying for a residential home anywhere in Australia.



* The national vacancy rate of 1 per cent is more than dire – it's non-existent.


* There is nowhere to rent.


* Stay where you are and wait it out.


* Change the channel; watch another show - the sun will come out tomorrow.





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